Jul 03, 2011 · 130 Class + Now my question is...how many of this type of deer have you seen/harvested in your hunting career? ... 140's. I've taken a few over 130, in Alabama and Ga ...
Some of the finest low fence deer hunting in Texas on over 11,000 acres loaded with river bottoms and hillsides it is a perfect backdrop for trophy deer hunting in Texas. . Our guided deer hunts are averaging 100% success on 130-140 class whitetail and 60% success on 150 -160 class whitetail deer per harvest over the last 3 yea
4XL. 130-143 kg.
Success rate and satisfaction are very high. Whitetail does, axis does and spikes can be added after a buck has been harvested. Lodging is available in Eden, 7miles away. $750.00 nonrefundable deposit required to book a hunt. 120 to 129"---$1500.00. 130 to 139"---$1750.00. 140 to 149"---$2250.00. Low fenced properties
Jan 22, 2019 · Out to the moderate ranges whitetail deer are typically shot at, it’s all you’ll ever need. A soft, exposed-at-the-nose core initiates generous expansion, which typically rolls back a into picture-perfect mushroom shape before being arrested and controlled by the thickening taper of the jacket and the “Core-Lokt” section.
2-3 day guided hunt for a fully mature buck with Gross Score of 131″ to 140″ ... mature whitetail buck with Gross Score up to 130″ ... Silver Medal” class ...
I’ve been fortunate to take a 130- and a 140- class buck off the plot over the last two years. Without a doubt, this plot is the most vital piece of our hunting ground. We work too hard for our money to trust this plot to anyone other than Whitetail Institute.
Classes; Contact Us; Home ... 140 Grain. $25.99. Mfr #: GM65CRD1 (20) UPC #: 604544630312 ... Hornady American Whitetail Ammunition 6.5 Creedmoor 129 Grain Interlock ... Jun 16, 2009 · We tell our hunters not to shoot any eight pointer under 130 and any 10 and abover under 140. You have to learn to be patient an when you are you will be rewarded with a trophy. Yes I did shoot one eight point buck under 130 last year, it was the end of the season and I knew he was mature enough and at his full potential, but I passed him up ...
Critical Defense 410 Triple Defense, 410 ga, 2.5", FTX Slug & 2 Round Balls, 20/box
Jun 26, 2012 · The deer on our 140 acres have benefited from the combo of Imperial Whitetail Clover and Extreme. My plots are drawing and holding more deer every season. ... This 130+class whitetail was taken by ...
Nov 06, 2019 · I tested seven different factory loads (from left to right), Federal American Eagle 120 gr OTM, Hornady 129 gr InterLock American Whitetail, Norma 130 gr OTM, Federal Gold Medal 130 gr OTM, Sellier and Bellot 140 gr FMJ, Winchester 140 gr OTM, Hornady 140 gr ELD Match and Hornady 147 gr ELD Match.
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Hornady American Whitetail .30-06 Springfield 150 grain InterLock SP American Whitetail Centerfire Rifle Ammunition (2) $32.55 $32.09 $1.60/Round Hornady Precision Hunter .338 Lapua Magnum 270 grain ELD-X Centerfire Rifle Ammunition Orderable Models The action is often fast and furious with the November rut exposing the best of the whitetail bucks. Hunters can expect to hunt bucks of 140-160 B&C points, with several larger bucks falling to a hunter’s well placed shot during the last few seasons.
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Renowned Whitetail Expert "I have been on a number guided and self-guided big game hunts in Colorado and Wyoming over the past 12 years. However, my self-guided hunt with White River Hunts in South Dakota ranks right at the top. On two different days of my three day hunt I saw 140 and 150 class bucks.
For the .27-.28 caliber cartridges, a 130-140 grain bullet is excellent. For .30-.32 caliber cartridges a 150-170 grain bullet works well. It is interesting to note that while a 100 grain bullet is a big game bullet in the 6mm Remington cartridge, a 100 grain bullet is a varmint bullet in the .270 Winchester, and absolutely not for use on big game.
We offer a 5 day early season that typically begins end of Aug or early September and a pre-rut/rut hunt that is the first week of November. Over the years our archery hunts have averaged around 130 – 140 inches with top end bucks over 160 and our rifle hunts have averaged 140 to 150 with top end bucks over 160 inches.
The 140 VLD can be temperamental, whereas the 130 VLD has good wind bucking abilities and almost keeps up with 6mm bullets. Travis sees a lot of promise with the Berger 140 Hybrid because it is very jump tolerant. In his testing he ran 140 Hybrids from .010″ to .080″ off the lands and there was no change in accuracy.
Whitetail Gear Bow and Stock Dipping Bino Harnesses Quivers and Knives. I've worn them for work on warmer days and was able to layer long johns underneath when it was extra cold. I'm a mom ( 5' 3" and 140lbs) who was never able to find pants that fit comfortably around my waist that weren't crazy...
Whitetail Deer Hunt all-inclusive price: 129” and Below – $2,200 (management whitetail hunt) 130”-139” – $3,000. 140”-149” – $4,400
We are blessed to have some quality farm ground with some small wooded areas behind our house in rural Illinois where I have been able to harvest two trophy bucks -- one a non typical 140's class and a very nice 8 point with 12" G2's. My dad has taken three nice trophy bucks ranging from 130’s to 150’s class.
140 Acres : $799,000 ... This extraordinary 125ac recreational daydreamer is the epitome of a first-class trophy whitetail camp in the big buck region of Richland ...
We hunt on 70,000 private acres of ideal habitat in N ebraska Sand Hills for Nebraska Trophy Mule Deer in the 140 - 180 class with average spreads of 20-27". Bigger Mule Deer have been seen and taken in the surrounding area.
Affordable PA Whitetail Deer Hunts November 17 at 9:12 AM $2000- up to 130"-- Management hunts- message for details and availa ... bility $2400 131-140" $2800- 141-150" $3400 151-160" $3800- 161-170" $4400-171-180" $4800-181-190" $5500- 191-200" 201-300+"-- message for pricing and pics of the bucks this caliber that are available. pricing ...
Feb 16, 2017 · I’ve used a 6.5 Creedmoor with 140 gr Hornady bthp 26 in barrel at 2800 FPS on whitetail for the past 3 years. Using imr 4451 at 41.2 grains and Hornady brass. It drops them every time. I wish I had a picture of the first one I shot. I shot it at 50 yards broadside. It ended up having two exit holes about the size of a fist.
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Twenty-two bucks killed by gun hunters scored above 140 points typical or 165 points non-typical. In the Typical-Gun category, the winner was Michael Taylor from Jumping Branch, WV with a big 15-point buck killed in Summers County that scored 169 5/8.
Looked at Hammers and accubond but concerned accubond won't open up on whitetail. Going to stay with a 130 or 140 class bullet due to the 10 twist barrel. Nov 17, 2019
A lead point and tapered jacket consistently initiate and control expansion; and, a cannelure groove provides for a secure crimp. Hornady brass cases ensure reliable feeding and extraction in all types of rifle actions. American Whitetail Rifle Ammo gives you high-performance hunting ammunition at a great price point. Made in USA.
I was able to kill a nice 130 buck with a bunch character. Two 150 class deer were killed that week. Six of nine hunters took nice bucks and the other 3 elected to let some 140 and 150s walk.
$140 - $650 Flights from Baltimore to Phoenix Ave. Duration 4h 54m When Every day Estimated price $130 - $600 Flights from Baltimore to Phoenix via Kansas City Ave. Duration 6h 10m When Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday Estimated price $130 - $600
While walking the land we stopped in one spot where Jeff and my friend started talking about approach and stand placement. Jeff made the statement that he felt it would be nothing to set up in this spot and harvest a 130 or 140 class buck. I guess I was impressed in his confidence in his decision making that he felt this spot would be that good.
The opportunities I had on whitetail bucks were phenomenal. Spencers dad and staff went above and beyond making my buddies and I feel like family. All I can say is I had the time of my life and already booked 2 more hunts with them 1 for 2018 firearm and 1 for 2019 opening weekend of archery seasons.
shown with his 140 class white-tail taken in 2000 with a Sierra ... Texas Whitetail from 175 yards with a 130 grain SPT ProHunter. This buck grossed 147 1/4 B&C. 408
130 class whitetail. TROPHY FEE : $2,500. LODGE FEE : 200 PER DAY. GUIDE FEE : 175 FOR 1 ON 1-125 PER HUNTER FOR 2 ON 1. NON HUNTER : $175 per night. KIDS UNDER 12 ...
+/- 80 Acres Vermilion County IL Well drained, Class A farm land. +/- 79.70 tillable acres 140.7 PI, Drummer soils. Farm is located on CR 2100 N, ... View Details
Trophy Whitetail Hunts. Hunters will see a lot of bucks on this hunt and can expect the opportunity to take a buck that scores in the 140’s to 160’s; with bucks scoring 170 or better being taken on occasion. Management Buck Hunts
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I don't own a .308 or what is considered to be your usual hunting rifle as far as cartridge goes. I started using my AR last year (didn't see anything though) but I'm aware that the .223 round is a bit small for deer hunting and more commonly used for small game, and there's risk of the deer running and survivng wounded because of it.
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